Come Together Suncatcher Window Decal


Fill your room with rainbows! Simply stick me to your window using only water and watch the sunlight pour into your room. With its prismatic qualities the decal will create colourful rainbows all around! Suncatchers work best when stuck onto a window that receives direct sunlight. These decals can also be repositioned without leaving any marks, perfect for student accommodation and rental properties!  

Discount shipping for items below 100g! See my shipping page for more details.

Key Features:

  • Measures - 155mm in diameter
  • Water activated - no sticky messes!
  • Easy to remove
  • Super cute illustration
  • Each suncatcher is packed with a ‘how to’ card!

*Please do not stick these onto your car windows! You could be blinded by a rainbow when driving and we really don’t want that!